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"As a recent graduate of a Business Diploma, I must say thankyou to Susan for her hard work as I could imagine I kept her on her toes to achieve the goal of mine. she is without a doubt a credit to the college and I must commend her on her hard work in prompt assessment feedback and understanding and helping me to achieve these goals. she has been a pleasure to work with and has supported me to reach my goals definitely an asset to the distance team and I have learned a wealth of knowledge from her and my education has been well looked after and very prompt feedback. In closing I must stress that Susan deserves all the credit she can get for her hard work with my time table and work commitments it was a bigger challenge however Susan made transitioning to each unit and completion very efficiently and effectively."

- Eddie Fraser

“Evocca College is awesome. I love going there. The people are welcoming, supportive and FUN FUN FUN!”

- Kazzlen Dawn / Current Student.

“Evocca has given me an amazing opportunity to study and develop the skills and knowledge of management, which I have wanted for a long time. This college is helping me make my dreams come true.

I am sincerely grateful to my tutors for the marvellous job they are doing. They have been real mentors, motivating me towards

achieving my dreams.”

- Miguel Miranda / Current Student.

“I like coming to the college as it is a great way to grow my current knowledge and obtain a better career...”

- Bradley Rhodes / Current Student.